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USCIS National Benefits Center

USCIS Administrative Decisions

USCIS Visa Classifications and Categories

U.S. Department of State

Department of State, General

Department of State, U.S. Embassies & Consulates

Department of State, Visa Services

Department of State, Visa Appointment & Processing Wait Times

Department of State, Visa Fees and Reciprocity Tables

Department of State, Visa Information

Department of State, Visa Forms

Department of State, Visa Bulletin

Department of State, Visa Appointment Service in Canada

Department of State, Visa Appointment Service in Mexico


U.S. Department of Labor

Department of Labor

Department of Labor, Processing Times

Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Department of Labor, Permanent Labor Certification

Department of Labor, H-1B Specialty Worker Description

Department of Labor, Forms


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Customs & Border Protection

Customs & Border Protection, I-94 Retrieval


Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service-Taxation-of-Nonresident-Aliens

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Federal Register

American Immigration Council, J-1 Exchange Visitor

Social Security Administration

Selective Service System

Client Satisfaction Survey

AILA: Know Your Rights If ICE Visits


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